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Once afflicted with drug or alcohol dependency, rehabs in Oklahoma as well as other out of state options provide great resources for individuals to get back on their feet. Although it may seem impossible right now, drug addiction is most definitely a treatable disorder. Unfortunately, many drug addicts are unable to realize this and succumb to the allure of drugs and alcohol. Rehabs in Oklahoma and other states across the country will help the patient realize there is light at the end of the tunnel.


Types of Rehabs In Oklahoma

Several types of rehabilitation are available to those addicted to drugs and alcohol at rehabs in Oklahoma. Short-term rehabs in Oklahoma last less than six months and can include residential therapy and drug-free outpatient therapy. On the other hand, long term treatment at rehabs in Oklahoma can include more extensive rehabilitation efforts such as methadone maintenance outpatient treatment for those in heroin rehab. In these treatments, those receiving help are given oral doses of a synthetic opiate designed to block the effects of heroin while not evoking a euphoric state or an insatiable desire for opiates. In this method of treatment, the patient is able to curb drug-seeking and desist from criminal activity, returning to a socially acceptable lifestyle. In time, with the appropriate counseling, this individual can even return to being a productive member of his or her society.


Treatments Offered in Rehabs In Oklahoma

Another type of treatment offered at rehabs in Oklahoma and across the nation is outpatient drug-free treatment. This type of treatment offers the patient a medication free style of recuperation. To make up for the lack of medication, this adheres to an intensive counseling regimen. This style of treatment is typically reserved for those not addicted to opiates or for those addicted to opiates already well integrated back into society with only short histories of dependence. For those unable to succeed in either of these environments at rehabs in Oklahoma, therapeutic communities are available at rehabs in Oklahoma, and elsewhere. These are highly structured programs in which patients reside at a certain location, often for twelve to six months. The types of individuals housed here are usually those with long histories of dependence, criminal activity, or have serious social impairments. The idea behind this type of treatment is to reintegrate addicts into a drug-free, crime-free lifestyle. When successful, patients can return to their communities and contribute as a functioning member of society.


More treatment at Rehabs In Oklahoma

One of the most popular methods of treatment seen in rehabs in Oklahoma is short-term residential programs. These are typically tailored for alcoholics and those with chemical dependence. This style of treatment involves a short, often three to six week, inpatient phase followed by outpatient therapy and participation in various self-help groups including twelve step programs. Drug and alcohol dependency are a more than serious issue in the United States and rehabs in Oklahoma are able to understand this idea. They are able to work with patients, and after a period of time filled with hard work and dedication, addicts are able to defeat their disease at rehabs in Oklahoma.